Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Electronic Shisha – Who Question About Its Safety as a Better Alternative?

Electronic shisha pens have emerged as a popular trend globally, especially among the youth. These are also known as electronic hookah, electronic shisha sticks, or e-hookah, and are widely available in major cities on the globe. One of the key reasons behind exceptional popularity of e-shisha pens is that they are a safe alternative. As claimed by manufacturers, e-hookahs cause fewer health risks than the traditional ones. However, are they really 

What’s Inside E-Shisha Pens?

Often, the contents are discussed to determine if it is safe to smoke than the traditional ones. Typically, the primary ingredients are water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and fruit flavouring, particularly herbs. Both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol are non-toxic in nature, and it is safe to consume, though not much is known about to what extent these substances can be safe. Despite the fact a fewer of the population have reported to experience muscle aches and throat ache after smoking e-shisha pens, the side effects are considered rare and primarily due to being allergic to propylene glycol. Most users have reported no harmful side effects of smoking e-shisha.

How It Works?

An e-shisha pen is typically a battery-operated device, and operates in a similar way as e-cigarettes. It comprises of an atomizer, which heats up the e-liquid, transforming it into vapours that can be inhaled. Hence, you are actually inhaling e-liquid vapours than harmful chemicals such as nicotine in cigarettes, which pose serious threat to health. The electronic devices are available in reusable or disposable form, in a variety of flavours to choose from.

Is it Harmful?

Most e-shisha pens don’t comprise of any toxic compounds, such as arsenic, lead, carbon monoxide or cancer-causing chemicals that are typically found in traditional shisha. Since, traditional hookah contains toxic compounds, smokers are at a great risk of health hazards such as heart diseases, cancer, and other respiratory diseases to name a few. Besides, when someone smokes traditional pipe, people around them inhale toxic fumes. Thus, the smoker is also contributing to other people’s risk of having serious diseases by inhaling harmful chemicals.

E-shisha on the other hand does not produce smoke, since it is a vapour form of e-liquid that is inhaled. Therefore, there is no risk of passive smoking nor there is any nasty smell that can cause irritation to people around you. Generally, e-shisha pens do not contain toxic chemicals and hence, you are at lesser risk of acquiring smoking-related diseases. Check the ingredients of your electronic pipe, before you buy to make sure that it does not comprises of harmful chemicals.

Despite of the fact that inhaling water vapour is considered safer than inhaling harmful chemicals in traditional hookah, it is important to understand that these are comparatively new products and are yet to be tested safe. Nevertheless, the electronic shisha pens deem to be much safer and pose lesser threats to health than smoking traditional hookah.                    


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